Cicoria di Soncino (Cichorium intybus)

Cicoria di Soncino (Cichorium intybus)


100 Semi

Coltivazione: facile

Produzione semi: esperto

Semina: da marzo a settembre

Per terreni sciolti, lavorati in profondità.

  • Dettagli

    Cicoria di Soncino o Scorzamara (Cichorium intybus): Chicory from Soncino or Scorzamara (Cichorium Intybus): From Sunsì in Lombardy (north Italy) this variety of root is increasingly disappearing. Until the 1960’s it was widely present in typical preparations such as the famous “risotto alle radici” (roots risotto) nowadays , the demand dropped more and more causing the abandoning of the cultivation. For a few years, the renewed interest in ecotypes and biodiversity has led to its return to gardens. Its nutritional properties are several and quite important, it contains from insulin to antioxidants, high in fiber and very low in calories. Once peeled , the flavor is particular, earthy, and intense. Sow in the summer and harvest in the winter. Very rustic, it does not require special attention, being a root, however, a loose and deeply worked soil is required.